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Huskić:Najmanje zaposlenih u Tešnju u javnom sektoru.Uložili smo puno da bismo bili ekonomsko čudo.

 Turnover of companies from Tesanj over 1.4 billion KM last year


The companies from Tesanj last year had around 1.4 billion KM of turnover, exported to around 60 countries around the world, of which 70 percent to the European Union.

More than 350 final products were exported. There are more than 2,400 business entities in this town, including around 20 major foreign investors, said Tesanj Mayor Suad Huskic.


Tesanj is a small but one of the most developed towns in Bosnia.


– Number of employees has been increasing continuously in the last six to seven years; we are now at a record level. Today we have 12,500 employees and this is a record number for the municipality of Tesanj. 3,500 new jobs have been opened in the last 6 years, Huskic said.